Hey there! We’re moving to New Zealand for the next year! Ordering is unavailable, but feel free to check out our gallery & our instagram! Travel photos coming in the meantime!

About Us


Hey there, we’re Sellus and Sydney! We would like to share with you a little bit about ourselves, our backstory, and how we began this business.

Sydney is from Vermont and Sellus is from Pennsylvania.
We are each lucky to say we started a business with our adventure-loving, big-idea-having, limit-pushing, absolutely mad ride-or-die of a best friend and partner.
But how did we get here?
We met while living in Costa Rica back in 2014, working at the same school by chance. After becoming friends, then going our separate ways to live in our respective states in the U.S. for a couple years, Syd bought a flight to visit Sellus in Philadelphia on a whim because...why not? Things just clicked into place like no time had passed. After a couple years of dating long distance, with only a visit every few months, we eloped at City Hall and we now live together in Philly with big plans for traveling and living abroad for the next few years (as soon as it’s safe again).
We love hiking, traveling, growing our plant family, cooking, enjoying good company, and most importantly drinking good beer!
Now let’s talk beer and business.
Philadelphia Beer Candles was an idea born out of Covid quarantine, believe it or not. At a time when we were feeling uninspired and low on creativity, an idea hit us.
We were at home during lockdown and fueling Netflix sessions with some truly delicious beer, trying to buy from local (and often smaller) breweries in order to celebrate and support the amazing small businesses Philly has to offer. And then it hit us. Why not put all of these small works of art and color to good use, and turn the cans into candles?
We saved, ordered supplies, watched tutorials, and “built inventory” (our favorite part of this process). And we practiced. We ran trial after trial, trying to get our scents and wicks and temperatures just right.
We are still a new business, but loving the fast support we’ve gained, and are looking forward to the future. In addition to our online shop we currently sell candles out of Midnight Lunch in Philly, and we are looking to join at least one artist market here this summer. We’ve done a few pop-up events around town and are hooked! We’re psyched to continue growing and improving! Thank you to all our lovely friends, family, and customers!
Cheers to more beers and to growth! XX,
Syd & Sell